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A Little Care Goes a Long Way to Ensure Your Solar Power Panels Are Working Efficiently

Posted on: August 28, 2012

If you have recently had solar power panels installed in your home, you’ll need to invest some time in maintaining them. Solar panel maintenance is a twofold process that involves a technician and a homeowner working together to achieve maximum performance.

There are some preventative measures that you, as the homeowner, can take to reduce the amount of maintenance your solar power panels need. Beyond that, a qualified technician should handle any repair or replacement tasks.

Here are the things that you can do to ensure your solar power panels stay in good working order:

  • Check the collectors once a year to ensure they are not blocked by plants or new construction. Even if your solar power panels are in partial shade, their performance can deteriorate.
  • If you notice that the collectors are dirty, clean them. Like shade, an accumulation of dirt can affect performance.[/list_item]
  • Make sure the sealant around the penetrations in the roof is in good condition.
  • If your solar power panels are not roof-mounted, regularly check the bolts and nuts on the support structure.

These simple checks will enable your new solar power panels to efficiently convert sunlight into electricity and reduce your energy costs.

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