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A Nine-Point Checklist to Keep Your Heat Pump in Prime Shape

Posted on: November 10, 2011

Your heat pump is what keeps your home comfortable throughout the year in the Charlotte area. Keeping your heat pump in prime shape is a great idea if you want to make sure it lasts you a long time and remains reliable.

With that in mind, consider this nine-point checklist for routine heat pump maintenance:

  1. Inspect components such the filter, blower motor, ducts and heat coils for the accumulation of dirt and other particles. Dirty parts make your equipment work harder, which leads to wear, repairs and increased energy costs.
  2. Inspect your ducts for air leaks that lessen the efficiency of your heat pump.
  3. Measure airflow at the vents to help determine if there could be a problem somewhere within the HVAC system.
  4. Have a professional check your refrigerant levels. Remember, refrigerant is toxic if not handled properly, so don’t try this yourself.
  5. Check for any refrigerant or other fluid leaks.
  6. Have a professional thoroughly inspect the electrical system of your heat pump to make sure there are no split or damaged wires that could be potentially dangerous.
  7. Lubricate and inspect the motor as well as the belts, which often show wear and need to be replaced or repaired. If you don’t feel comfortable with these tasks, consult a trained technician.
  8. Confirm that when your air conditioning unit is on, your heat turns off and vice versa.
  9. Check your thermostat to make sure the heat pump runs at the proper time, and that the fan runs in automatic mode for best efficiency.

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