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Common Ductwork Problems That Interfere With Airflow

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Since they are out of sight, your home’s vents and ductwork may also be out of mind — until, that is, something is amiss. Maybe one room in your home is always too cold or too hot, or another room seems more humid than the others.

If you’ve installed weatherstripping and caulk, the problems may very well be stemming from your ductwork, in which case it’s time to call a professional to pinpoint the problem, fix it and restore efficiency to your ductwork system.

Those, metal and flexible ducts that snake around your home may look fierce and indestructible, but actually they are rather easy to bend, kink, crack and break. In fact, if you’ve ever accidentally bumped up against one, you know that the “thundering” noise of impact is quickly followed by a ripple of damage. A splintered duct is just one problem that may interfere with airflow in your home. The others include:

  • Supply and return leaks
  • Furnace leaks
  • Disconnected or loose ducts
  • Insulation that has fallen out of place
  • Duct tape failure
  • Leaky duct connections

Before you call us, make sure that you are not unwittingly restricting the airflow in your home; check that furniture, book shelves, toy boxes and other objects are not obstructing registers and returns. In fact, it’s a good idea to identify the registers in your home, and if you can’t find any in one room, chances are good that they are being blocked.

It’s time for your fall/winter HVAC check, we will thoroughly inspect your heating system and ductwork to deliver on what we promise to you and all our customers: year-round comfort. Call Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical to schedule your appointment today.

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