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Fall Is Almost Here — Time to Schedule Your Service Check

Posted on: September 20, 2011

With the chilly autumn weather rapidly approaching, it is time to schedule a service check to ensure that your furnace is up to the challenge of keeping your family cozy and warm. In fact, it can be downright risky to turn on the unit prior to having a check up.

Regular maintenance is essential not only for safety, but neglecting to have an annual service check on your heating device can decrease the longevity of the unit substantially. When a professional comes out to perform this service, they will take several steps to insure the unit is working in peak form, which will keep your home warm while keeping money in your pocket.

The most important step that a qualified HVAC technician will take is to inspect the furnace for any signs of leaks or cracks. If either of these is present in the flue or within the furnace at the heat exchanger, there is a high risk of carbon monoxide seeping into your home’s air supply, which is quite dangerous. These cracks and leaks must be taken care of immediately to protect you and your family.

The next step of the service check involves cleaning the combustion chamber thoroughly to remove any soot build up on the walls of the unit. This buildup can increase the likelihood of corrosion, so its removal is beneficial in extending the lifetime of the device. Some furnaces call for annual lubrication of the blower motor, and the technician will take care of this if necessary.

Make sure to do your part by checking your furnace’s air filters each month to help keep the indoor air quality cleaner and the system running more efficiently.

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