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Four Questions to Ask When You’re Deciding on a Dual-Fuel System

Posted on: November 22, 2011

A dual-fuel system is a combination of a high-efficiency heat pump and a conventional furnace. During milder portions of the fall and winter, the heat pump provides maximum comfort and energy savings. When temperatures drop below freezing, the furnace takes over, efficiently keeping your home at the desired temperature.

This makes dual-fuel systems a great way to cut energy costs, especially here in the Charlotte area, where our winters can go from mild to severe in the blink of an eye. If you’re considering a dual-fuel system, be sure to ask these four important questions:

  1. How large should my system be? A qualified contractor can perform load calculations to determine the proper size system for your home. Sizing is based on several unique aspects of your home, including the square footage, insulation level and micro-climate.
  2. How do I determine system efficiency? Dual-fuel systems provide year-round comfort, which means you need to be aware of both heating and cooling efficiency. Your heat pump will carry a SEER and HSPF rating, with higher ratings indicating a more efficient use of electricity. Furnace efficiency is measured by AFUE, which indicates the percentage of burned fuel that actually makes it into your home as heat energy.
  3. Which fuels will provide maximum efficiency and savings? Fuel prices vary depending on where you live, but a gas-fired furnace is often more cost-effective than other methods. Consult with local utility companies and your HVAC technician to determine which options would be best for you.
  4. Can I add a new heat pump to my existing furnace? To replace your existing air conditioning system with a heat pump, your technician must first determine that your furnace and ductwork are compatible with the new system.

Contact Acosta Heating and Cooling for more information on upgrading your heating and cooling system. Our staff can help you determine if a dual-fuel system is right for you.

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