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Furnace-Troubleshooting Tips: Give These a Try Before You Call for Help

Posted on: December 6, 2011

Furnace problems can be a major inconvenience. You can be left without heat for days and you may end up overpaying for a simple solution. There are furnace-troubleshooting tips you should try yourself before you call your HVAC service technician to see if you can quickly and easily fix your problem.

Below are some of the most frequently experienced problems and quick solutions you can try out to resolve them. Always turn the gas and electricity to the heating system off before you do any sort of work on it.

Furnace isn’t producing heat
While this may seem obvious, if you have not switched your thermostat from cooling to heating mode, your furnace won’t create any heat. This is a common error made at the beginning of the heating season. Also check to see if you need to relight your pilot light, and check your circuit box to see if the breaker for the furnace has been tripped.

Furnace isn’t producing sufficient heat
If you aren’t able to reach desired comfort levels, check on your furnace filter. If it has been too long since you last replaced it, airflow may be restricted, which can reduce heating efficiency. The pollutants it captures amass and form a thick screen that forces your furnace to be overworked, spiking your heating costs. Replace it monthly to prevent this from happening.

Leaky ducts may also be the culprit. Loose duct connections and cracks in the ductwork cause conditioned air to leak out before making it into your home. Use duct mastic to seal up such spots.

Constant blower operation
Make sure the “fan continuous” setting isn’t on. If it is already off, reset the limit control switch for the fan.

Furnace operation is too noisy
If you’re hearing abnormal system noise or system noise has increased, any number of problems could be present. The best course of action is to call in a professional.

To learn about more furnace troubleshooting tips, contact Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical today. We have proudly served the Charlotte Metro Area since 1972.

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