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How to Lower Your Utility Costs with Solar Power Panels

Posted on: June 26, 2013

You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about solar power, but if you haven’t looked into it recently, you just might be surprised. Solar power panels are continually dropping in price and have finally reached a price that makes them a marvelous idea for those wanting to reduce their future utility costs. As electricity and gas costs continue to rise, there may not be a better time to make this change.

Between the lower costs for the solar power panel arrays and the incentives offered in many areas, the time period to recoup the initial outlay for the system has shortened dramatically. What used to take 20 or more years to pay for itself is down to about half of that, although this will vary depending on the circumstances. Some people add only a minimal amount of solar power panels to produce some watts just to augment their existing power systems, whereas others use enough to cover all their needs and even sell some of the overage to utility companies. Obviously how many panels are used and what type of setup is installed will dictate just how long it takes to recoup the initial cash outlay.

Nearly all areas require that the installation of either type of system be done through a qualified, licensed contractor and through a permit process. Even if one’s area does not have this requirement, because it is dealing with electricity, it is not recommended that a homeowner attempt this without a professional.

A solar power panel system will begin saving the homeowner utility costs the moment it starts up, and depending on the system, it can eliminate all or most of dependency on the local power company. An associate from a professional solar power panel installation company like Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical can sit down with you to calculate your long-term savings and break-even potential.

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