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Join the Many Homeowners Who Are Scoring with Geothermal Heat Pumps

Posted on: September 25, 2014

While the purchase and installation costs of residential geothermal heat pumps is often higher than other cooling and heating systems, a properly sized and installed geothermal heat pump delivers more energy per unit consumed than a conventional system. For additional savings, a geothermal heat pump is fitted with a device called a desuperheater, which can heat household water.

Heat Pump Installation in Charlotte, NC

In the winter, you can reduce your water heating costs by about half. In summer, the heat that’s taken from your home can heat water for free. Depending on factors such as soil condition and climate, the features on a geothermal heat pump system could help you recoup your initial outlay in as little as 2 years through reduced utility bills.

What’s more, if included in a mortgage, your geothermal heat pump investment can start producing positive cash flow from the outset. For example, if the additional $3,500 cost of the system will add $30 a month to every mortgage payment, the amount you save on energy will easily exceed that extra over the course of each year.

With regards to retrofits, the Department of Energy says that the high efficiency of geothermal heat pumps means significantly reduced energy bills, allowing the investment to be recouped in 2 to 10 years. It might also be possible to include the purchase of the system in an energy-efficient mortgage to cover this and any other energy-saving improvements you’ve made to your home. Mortgage companies and banks can provide more information about these loans.

There are also special incentives to help homeowners offset the cost of buying and installing geothermal heat pumps. So be sure that the system you decide on qualifies for these.

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