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Keep Your Indoor Air Quality at its Finest for Your Guests this Holiday Season

Posted on: December 12, 2016

It’s the season to make sure your home is prepped and ready for hosting! With family visiting, holiday parties and events, and neighbors stopping by, it’s an important time of year to make sure that your home is at its finest. There are so many details to keep up with, so don’t let poor indoor air quality put a damper on your holiday spirits. At Acosta Heating and Cooling, we have just what you need to keep the air you and your guests breathe clean and fresh.

The first and most important item to address is health. If the air quality in a home is low, that means that there are pollutants and dust particles stagnating and being breathed by those staying inside the home. We see particularly poor indoor air quality levels more in the winter than at any other time because this is the time of year that people want to keep their homes as closed up as possible. If you don’t have an air purifier attached to your home’s system for heating, this results in poor indoor air quality, which can lead to health issues that may include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, eye, skin, and/or nose irritation. Additionally, children who are especially prone to asthma may experience an increase in asthma attacks as a result of impure air.

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Low levels of indoor air quality can also cause bad odors to emanate throughout a home. While this isn’t nearly as serious as the health problems that can be caused, it can be a particularly negative experience for guests who are being hosted in your home.

Don’t let low indoor air quality be an additional stress for you this holiday season. We have the products and technology you need to keep the air in your home fresh and pure. Contact us today!

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