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Your New Air Conditioner: Pay Attention to the Seer Ratings, But Consider These Features, Too

Posted on: June 1, 2012

No matter what brand of air conditioner you choose to buy, the unit should be as efficient as possible so that it provides good cooling at a reasonable price. An Energy Star certification will ensure you’re getting a model that has passed government tests for efficiency. The unit should have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 15 or higher, with higher SEER numbers indicating better efficiency.

Beyond SEER, however, there are several other features that will improve the performance of your new air conditioner while providing high levels of efficiency and ongoing savings on your monthly cooling bills.

  • Variable-speed air handler: Variable-speed blower motors in your air handling system are designed to operate at lower energy consumptionwhile delivering the rigth amount of air circulation for your indoor comfort. They produce all the air you need without using excess energy.
  • Automatic delay fan switch: This feature shuts off the fan a few minutes after the unit’s compressor turns off. This ensures that all cooling left on your indoor coil is circulated before the fan is shut off.
  • Fan-only switch: This feature lets you run the fan in your system for ventilation only. It also circulates the air in your home cleaning it as it passes the filter and the air movement makes it feel cooler, keeping air circulating through your house without spending money on unnecessary cooling.
  • Filter reminder: Filter changes keep your air conditioner running efficiently and reliably. A filter reminder will let you know that it’s time to put a new filter in the system to keep it running at its best and without breakdowns.
  • Sound Rating: A noisy air conditioner can be a source of aggravation. Make sure the model air conditioner you choose has a low sound rating to reduce stress-causing background noise in your home.

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