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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Is Switching to Gas Furnaces

Posted on: November 11, 2016

As a homeowner, you have many options for how to regulate the temperature in your home. At Acosta Heating and Cooling, we want to help you make sure you’re choosing the best option. Here are some basic reasons for removing your electric furnace and replacing it with a gas furnace:

  1. Gas furnaces are much more efficient at heating your home with less energy usage, meaning your utility bills will be lower.
  2. Gas is a less expensive form of energy than electricity.
  3. Gas furnaces can heat a home quicker than an electric furnace.
  4. Gas furnaces are able to create a higher temperature in the home.
  5. Using a gas furnace is more environmentally friendly. Since coal is used to generate much of our country’s electricity, it is not as clean as the emissions produced by natural gas.

Gas Furnaces in Charlotte, NC

For each of these reasons listed above, we highly recommend switching to a gas furnace or installing a gas furnace for a newly built home. There are many financial, environmental, and operational benefits to making this change.

We also recommend having annual inspections and maintenance completed when the temperature starts to drop to ensure that everything will be functioning appropriately once it’s necessary. During inspections, have your home checked for adequate insulation and proper humidity levels as well. This will help determine if your home is leaking air, and maintaining the correct humidity level will reduce the risk of your furnace developing rust. Another important way to prepare your furnace for winter is to change the filter and clean around the filter. Making sure that you remove dust or any other build-up will improve airflow. To find out more, contact us today!

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