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Weigh the AFUE Rating When You’re Upgrading to High Efficiency, But Look for These Features, as Well

Posted on: December 27, 2011

The AFUE rating, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, is an important consideration to make when choosing your new high-efficiency furnace. However, if this is the only figure you consider, you could still end up choosing the wrong unit for your home. Along with the AFUE rating, consider these other attributes as well.

Fuel Type: All-electric furnaces can achieve an AFUE rating of 95-100 percent. This is impressive, but because electricity is more costly in many areas, high-efficiency gas and oil furnaces are usually the best choice for energy savings. Many gas models are capable of achieving comparable AFUE ratings at a fraction of the operational cost of electric furnaces.

Size: If you first make an effort to improve the energy efficiency of your home, you will likely be able to replace your worn out furnace with a smaller model. This decreases the initial purchase price as well as the operating costs of running the furnace for years to come.

Energy Star Label: Choosing a high-efficiency furnace with an Energy Star label ensures you have both an efficient and dependable unit. Energy Star is a prestigious label that is quite selective about which models qualify.

Sealed Combustion: A high-efficiency furnace with this feature takes air directly from outside and exhausts combustion gases directly to your home’s exterior without a damper or draft hood. This is a wise feature to look for because potentially harmful backdrafting is an issue in many units, a problem that doesn’t exist in high-efficiency furnaces with sealed combustion chambers.

Clearly, while AFUE ratings are certainly worth bearing in mind, there are several other important considerations to make when choosing a furnace. For additional help in the selection process of your new furnace, please contact Acosta Heating& Coolingin Charlotte. We’re happy to answer your questions on many HVAC topics, and we can offer expert advice about selecting the right high-efficiency furnace for your home.

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