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Your Autumn To-Do List: Check Ductwork and Vents for 7 Common Problems

Posted on: October 27, 2011

Your ductwork and your vents are just as important as the rest of your HVAC system, and they should be checked every year as part of your autumn to-do list. A number of common problems can make your heating and cooling equipment less efficient, and can cause extensive wear over time.

When putting together your autumn to-do list:

  1. Make sure all ductwork was sealed or vented properly when construction of the home took place.
  2. Ducts should be inspected for leaks that hamper air flow. Check for even the smallest cracks that aren’t immediately visible.
  3. Seal leaks with professional grade material. The number one mistake people make is sealing cracks with duct tape. It dries out very quickly and doesn’t close the leak off for very long.
  4. Clean your ducts every so often to remove particles that could overload the components inside your HVAC system. Indoor air quality is also important, as an excess of irritating particles can cause allergies, asthma and respiratory illness.
  5. Inspect for mold inside the ducts, vents and furnace. When moisture reaches a high point of 60 percent, mold spores can thrive, and over time this can cause your heating and cooling equipment to become less efficient.
  6. Do not block air intake registers from being able to have air flow through them easily.
  7. Do not allow delivery vents to be blocked off by cardboard or other materials.

Contact Acosta Heating and Cooling for more information on checking your ductwork and vents for common issues. We are happy to serve the North Carolina area, and to help you enjoy your home all year long without issues.

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