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Your Heat Pump: Tend to It Before You Really Need It This Summer

Posted on: July 5, 2012

Outdoor temperatures at the height of summer can be extremely hot. Heat pumps need regular maintenance, so tend to yours now and you’ll be able to rely on it to work at its best when summer temperatures are highest.

Change or clean filters

Dirty filters are a major source of system breakdowns. They restrict the airflow your heat pump needs to function properly. They also let airborne contaminants and particulates back into your indoor air. Check all air filters monthly and change or clean them if dirty.

  • Fiberglass: Remove and discard these filters when they get dirty — at least every three months. Install a new filter; don’t try to clean and reuse old filters.
  • Plastic fiber or foam: Vacuum these filters clean and put them back in.
  • Aluminum mesh: These are the least effective be sure to clean with mild detergent and water. Add a new coat of the adhesive coating that captures dust and particulates, then reinstall the filter.

Clean the unit inside and out

Remove bushes, shrubs, trees, grass or other vegetation and obstructions from around the outdoor unit of your heat pump. Make sure there is plenty of clearance on all sides so that the unit receives plenty of airflow. Clean inside the cabinet and remove grass, twigs, leaves, nests or other debris. Clean the outside of the cabinet with a mild liquid cleaner and soft cloth. Wash the fan blades and coil to remove contaminants that can cause rust or corrosion.

Protect the unit

Do not let lawn additives to directly contact the cabinet; lawn chemicals such as chlorine or sulfur can cause corrosion and other damage. Contact your trusted HVAC contractor to perform regular preventive maintenance on your heat pump.

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