Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all had our own personal cabana boys all year round? You know, like the ones at those all-inclusive, expensive beach side resorts in Mexico. They notice before you get thirsty and are taking your drink order, or when you start to think a snack would be great, they bring around the appetizer tray. Did the sun shift while you were laying out? No worries; they have moved your umbrella and brought over fans before you became uncomfortable. Those guys. Seriously, they are like personal, human, walking, comfort controllers.

Unfortunately, few of us enjoy that luxury very often, which it why it is great to have actual comfort controllers installed in your house. Not the cabana boy kind, but the kind that are installed on your wall (your thermostat) and attached to your heating and cooling system and allow you to adjust the temperature of your house with the simple push of a button. About as easy as having a cabana boy, but maybe not quite as attractive. While all comfort controllers do the same basic thing, there are actually a variety of different options when it comes to which comfort controllers can best meet your personal needs.

Programmable Thermostats in Charlotte, NC

At Acosta Heating and Cooling, we offer wired thermostats, wireless thermostats, digital thermostats, programmable thermostats and comfort controllers that can control multiple thermostats from the same unit, allowing for your maximum convenience. If you are looking for comfort controllers in your home, and you’ve exhausted your search for a cabana boy willing to move to North Carolina, visit us at Acosta Heating and Cooling to discuss which option would be best for you. Hey, we may even offer you a drink of water!