Depending on the area where you live, you may be concerned about the smog, inversion or overall pollution of the outside air that you are breathing. It’s hard not to be concerned whenever you see a big truck with its black emissions or a smoke stack with its giant cigarette-like puffing. Most people, however, are unaware that the air inside can be much more dangerous than the air outside. Your employees may be at risk for something called sick building syndrome, because of the air they are breathing inside the building.

Sick building syndrome can be caused by three different factors. Mold, bacteria or viruses residing in the building itself is one cause. Another is the pollutants from the outside that are being brought in by HVAC systems and circulated around the building. The third cause is the contaminants that are emitted from sources within the building such as copy machines, chemical cleaners, pesticides or even certain manufactured products. One study showed that sick building syndrome costs the U.S. Economy approximately $145 billion dollars a year. One way to keep the sick building syndrome down and to save your company money is by employing regular commercial AC services.

Commercial AC Services in Charlotte, NC

One of the best ways to help improve indoor air quality is to establish a plan for regular commercial AC services, including maintenance and repair. If a house with six rooms can have somewhere close to 40 pounds of dust in its ducts, imagine how much dust a building with many office spaces and occupants could have. It is recommended that ducts be cleaned monthly to keep the circulation of this dust and other contaminants to a minimum. Keeping your AC system working properly also allows for optimal comfort of your employees, also avoiding high amounts of missed workdays. At Acosta Heating and Cooling, we offer commercial AC services for all maintenance or repair needs you may have. To avoid contributing to the high statistic of dollars spent because of Sick Building Syndrome, contact us today for all your commercial AC services.