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Summer in North Carolina might feel like it needs an exclamation point behind it. The heat here can become so suffocating that air conditioning is the only reasonable solution. We at Acosta Heating & Cooling have been working hard for 45 years to ensure that Cornelius residents never need to sit and sweat in misery. When you have the benefit of our expert technicians, you can get the air conditioning installation, service and AC repair that lets you chill out from spring through fall.

AC Installation From Acosta? You’ve Never Felt So Cool

Thinking about making a few home improvements? Start with your comfort. At Acosta Heating & Cooling, we believe that AC replacement might be the best way to upgrade your home. Cornelius homeowners often think about updates that help them increase resale value, and cooling technology is a great choice. It can save you money and make you feel happier at home, especially if you get expert installation from us. We know that you’ll love our:

  • Courteous technicians who arrive right on time
  • Fair pricing on new equipment and installation
  • Dedication to getting everything perfect the first time
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee, if you ever need it

Our AC Repair Helps Cornelius Chill Out All Summer

AC PumpWhen you turn on the air conditioner and nothing happens, you have to make some quick decisions. The mercury is rising every day, and a ceiling fan just won’t cut it here in Cornelius. The good news is that we at Acosta Heating & Cooling are always open, so you can request service from us anytime. Call us today for:

  • Emergency AC Repair, 24/7
  • Top-Rated Air Conditioning Units
  • Hassle-Free AC Maintenance
  • Professional Air Conditioning Installation
  • Free Consults on Repair or AC Replacement
  • Seasonal Discounts

The brisk chill of an air conditioner is just the ticket to keep the North Carolina summer at bay, and Acosta Heating & Cooling is the ideal AC company to help you keep it. To solve all your cooling problems, contact us today!