Do you know that, in Charlotte, the sun shines for 60 percent of the year? If so, you’re probably ready to go for solar power panels. So, in order to get you prepared to meet your renewable energy requirements, here are a few easy tips to get started.

The Roof

Your roof is an ideal place to install solar power panels. If it faces south, it gets the most sun but, if it doesn’t, you can still benefit from renewable solar energy. Is the roof fairly free of tree shade, chimneys or nearby houses? Is the roof in good condition? Check for dry rot, pests or other problems.

A typical solar power panel takes up fifteen square feet per panel, so you’ll need to establish the size of your roof and how many units it can accommodate. If the roof is in good condition, is large enough, and gets enough sun, it’s very likely that solar power panels are a good choice for you.


Before installing solar power panels, do some research about the rules in your neighborhood. If you live in an area that has a Homeowners’ Association, homeowners are often restricted about what they can and cannot put on their roofs, or pre-approval is required for certain installations.

You must also check with your utility provider to find out what is needed to connect your solar panels to the power grid and if they will pay you for any unused energy your solar power panels generate.