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Surge Protection Installation in Charlotte

Power surges are a common inconvenience that happens in your home all of the time. Most of the time you never even notice them. Until a surge happens at the wrong time, and your electrical systems—and you—pay the price of unpreparedness. If you’re looking to keep your home and electrical systems safe and secure, call on Acosta Heating & Cooling to schedule a whole-home surge protection system installation.

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Whole-House Surge Protector Installation

When you connect with Acosta for surge protector installation, our team will arrive promptly to perform a full assessment of your home’s electrical systems. Through our assessment, our team can determine the best course of action to protect your home—what system to install, where it will serve and protect best, and what type of power surges your home is likely to experience.

Once we have generated the most effective plan, our certified electrical contractors will get to work integrating your new surge protection system with your electrical panel, providing your home with powerful and dependable protection for all sources of a power surge.

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Are Power Surges Common?

Extremely, actually. The average home experiences dozens of power surges in a single day, caused by lighting and storm, or even by simply operating a high-draw appliance like a microwave. While most surges happen without you ever even noticing, the problem with power surges is that it only takes one happening at a bad time for your computer to get fried or for your lights to die prematurely. Additionally, small-scale power surges account for considerable electrical wiring and appliance wear and tear, resulting in shorter electrical system lifespans.

Can I DIY Whole-Home Surge Protector Installation?

Outside of choosing to use surge protector power strips in addition to a whole-home system, a homeowner should never attempt to DIY any electrical work. Even the simplest of electrical tasks can expose you to serious risks of harm, including electrical shock, electrocution, and home electrical fires.

And even should you perform the job safely, electrical installations demand extreme precision in order to function correctly. A miscalculation or misstep could seriously damage your home’s electrical systems and wiring as a whole, costing you substantially more in the long run than simply hiring a professional who can get the job done swiftly, safely, and cost-effectively.

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Whole-House Surge Protection Installation and Services in the Greater Charlotte Area

As a long-standing HVAC and electrical services provider, Acosta has been putting the needs and safety of clients first since day one. We prioritize what works best for you and your home, streamlining and customizing our services to provide a tailored experience for each client. Whether you’re looking for whole-house surge protector installation, or you need to learn more, reach out to our trained experts for the services and answers you need.

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