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Heat Pump Maintenance in Charlotte

Heat pumps offer substantial advantages to Charlotte homeowners in terms of comfort and energy efficiency. They’re an ideal counter to our cool winters and hot summer seasons, and they tend to be one of the most dependable HVAC options on the market. However, no system was built to work forever without some routine care and professional attention.

When you need to schedule heat pump maintenance, look to the certified HVAC contractors at Acosta Heating & Cooling. As a long-standing heating and cooling company serving Charlotte, Waxhaw, Weddington, and the surrounding areas, we are your number one choice when you’re looking for the best HVAC company in North Carolina.

For heat pump maintenance services, schedule with Acosta online! Need to speak with a trained heat pump contractor directly? Dial (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401any time.

Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Charlotte, NC

Our preventative maintenance services are streamlined for efficiency and optimized and customized according to each client’s needs. We aim to offer the absolute best benefits that maintenance can provide, taking into account the unique needs of each specific system and the home where it’s installed.

Our comprehensive heat pump maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Component and heat pump internal cleaning to improve performance and energy efficiency
  • Electrical connection inspections for safety and performance
  • Lubrication for applicable moving parts to reduce wear and tear and to preserve the lifespan of your heat pump
  • Performance evaluation to ensure your heat pump is operating optimally
  • And more

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How Often Should I Have My Heat Pump Serviced?

Because heat pumps operate all year long, they should be maintained more than once. For optimal results and ideal operation, it is best to schedule heat pump maintenance twice a year. The best time to do this is once in the spring ahead of the warm season, and once in the fall before winter sets in and it starts getting cold enough to need heating.

Have you scheduled your biannual heat pump maintenance this season? Contact Acosta to set an appointment for professional heat pump service now!

Homeowner Tips to Improve Heat Pump Performance

While these tips are in no way a replacement for proper professional heat pump service, there are most certainly some things a homeowner can do to boost the effectiveness of their heat pump system. To maximize cost savings and to ensure your system performs at its best between professional visits, do these:

  • Change your heat pump air filter frequently. Especially during peak seasons, be sure to replace your air filter at a minimum of once every two months. This ensures healthy air flow and effective heating and cooling.
  • Make certain air vents are unobstructed. Dust clogs, carpets, furniture, and drapes can all block vents, which will directly lower the performance of your heat pump by blocking proper air flow and causing air pressure issues.

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The family-owned and -operated HVAC team at Acosta has you completely covered when it comes to heat pump maintenance, troubleshooting, and support services. We are dedicated to quality solutions and superior workmanship, so when you want a team that will do the job right, you want Acosta Heating & Cooling.

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