Heating Services in Charlotte, NC

Heating your Charlotte-area home is essential during the winter. If your heating system is failing, it’s time to call Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical for help.

We have trained technicians that can resolve any issues you’re experiencing with your heat pump or furnace. Our crew will get to the bottom of the problem and solve it fast, leaving you with reliable heating for the winter.

Stay warm and safe this winter with help from Acosta. Contact us online or call (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 to set a service date.

Heating Repair Service

Having your heater repaired adequately can ensure that you have consistent heat on the coldest days of the year. This keeps your family warm and comfortable, keeps your pipes from bursting, and helps avoid damage around the home.

The team at Acosta uses professional-grade tools and brand-name parts to get your heater working like new. We work hard to resolve your heating problems, and we won’t be done until you’re satisfied with our work.

Make sure your heater is in tiptop shape. Call the Acosta team at (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 or contact us online to schedule heating services in Charlotte.

Emergency Heating Repair

Heating problems can be severe, especially on a cold winter night. Acosta can provide immediate care if your system doesn’t run at all on a frigid night.

Don’t delay when you have a heating emergency on your hands. Call (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 now to discuss your situation.

Types of Heating Systems

At Acosta, we provide services for two types of heating systems: heat pumps and furnaces. Heat pumps pull energy from the outdoors and bring it inside to warm your home. Furnaces use a heating element to warm the air and a blower mooter to distribute the warm air throughout your house.

Our crew can provide repair, replacement, or maintenance services for heat pumps or furnaces. We can do that if you want to switch from one heating system to another.

Trust our crew to make it work right, whichever type of heating system you have. Contact the Acosta team online or call (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 to schedule heating services in Charlotte.

HVAC technician charging a heat pump with refrigerant

Heating System Replacement Services

Eventually, your heater will need to be replaced with a new model. It can be tough to tell if your system currently requires a few repairs or if a total replacement is the best option. You may need to replace your heating system if:

  • Your heater makes odd sounds while in operation
  • Your heater only warms certain rooms and not others
  • Your heater smokes or sparks when it’s on
  • Your energy bills are significantly higher than usual

Don’t ignore these sure signs of a failing heating system. Contact Acosta online or call (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 to set up a consultation for heating system replacement in Charlotte, NC.

Heating System Maintenance

Maintaining your heater is vital to keep it working at its best. A few benefits of heating maintenance include:

  • System longevity: Heating systems maintained well are known to last months or years longer than others.
  • Energy efficiency: Well-maintained heating units continue to work and are installed, saving you money on energy bills.
  • Reduced repair need: Maintaining a heating system can keep it from needing serious repairs over time.

Treat your heater right with proper maintenance services from Acosta. Call (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 or contact us online to schedule maintenance for your heater.

Why Choose Acosta for Heating Services in Charlotte?

The Acosta crew understands our customers’ needs and how to fulfill them. We work hard to provide exceptional service for every client, every time. From discussing your options to providing honest quotes to installing top-quality systems, you can rely on us to keep your home warm with the right heating system.

For heating services in Charlotte, NC, turn to the team at Acosta. Contact us online or call the team at (704) 527-7401(704) 527-7401 to begin planning for your heating repair, replacement, or maintenance.

Do I need a new heating system?

Our technicians will look over your current heater to determine if repairs are possible or if it would be best to replace your heating system.

What’s the difference between a heat pump and a furnace?

Depending on your home’s and your family’s needs, certain heating systems will work better for you.

Your furnace provides heat to your home. It is a stand-alone unit but can also work with a cooling system. Types of furnaces include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Propane

Furnaces are reliable in areas that see extreme cold weather.

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling. They aren’t that effective in extreme cold, but our winters are relatively moderate. Heat pumps are a solid choice compared to furnaces because they provide year-round cooling and heating.

Heat pumps may cost more upfront, but return on investment is realized in much lower monthly utility bills and property value increases. When you invest in a home heat pump, you can plan to recover 35% to 50% of your initial cost.