There are too many people who assume they can save themselves money by taking care of an AC problem by themselves. You may have done this before: you run down to the nearest home goods store and find the pieces you need, and then you get to work with the aid of an instruction manual and YouTube. Although this might work for a rare few people, the majority don’t know exactly what to look for or how to put their unit back together once they are done. And if you do manage to get it back together, how long will it work? And more importantly, did you purchase the correct AC products for your system, or did you purchase an inferior or incorrect product that will make your system malfunction again sooner than later?

AC Products in Charlotte, NC

Here at Acosta Heating & Cooling in Charlotte, NC, our staff has been highly trained to handle your air conditioning unit repairs for you. Rather than fretting over which AC products to buy or figuring out how to fix and reassemble your system, why not take the stress off by calling in our professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently?

After we have helped you fix your AC system, we offer you a one-year warranty on all repairs. This way, you know your system will have all the correct AC products and parts and that it will function properly.

And of course, with proper maintenance, which we also offer our customers, your AC unit will continue to perform its best throughout its expected lifetime. Contact us today for more information about our heating & cooling services.