Safety Checks and Why They’re Important

Now that fall is here, you should focus on making sure your heating appliances are ready for the cold winter months. Not only do you want to make sure your heating system is working properly, but you also want to make sure it is safe to operate. A malfunctioning heating system can pose a significant threat to you and your family. Here is some information about safety checks and why they're important. Why Are Safety Checks Important? Many homeowners don't realize that heating systems are one of the leading [...]

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Careers in the HVAC Industry

The diversity of the HVAC industry provides plenty of career opportunities. HVAC technicians are trained individuals who work in the heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems of commercial and residential buildings. Training in this field can open a wide range of career possibilities in a variety of areas because the demand for skilled and talented HVAC technicians keeps growing. Fast track programs that are specifically designed to have a significant impact in a short period will prepare you adequately for the task. A detailed insight into the activities related to [...]

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Should I Keep My AC on “Auto” or “On”

Wondering which setting for your air conditioner is best is a great question to ask. Most people don’t know the difference between the “auto” and “on” settings on your thermostat. "Auto" is Best If: You're out of the house a lot, or just want to keep energy use and costs down. "On" is Best If: There's family at home all day or someone in the household is an allergy sufferer, so evenly distributed air temperature and quality throughout your home is your top priority. How the “Auto” Setting Works [...]

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5 Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

As spring turns to summer, many of us in the Greater Charlotte area have started to use our air conditioning systems more frequently. Whether your HVAC unit is new or a 'classic' that has offered reliable service for many years, it makes sense to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Here are five benefits of having routine maintenance performed on your system: 1. Provides Better Air Quality A highly trained technician familiar with the system you have removes dirt and debris particles that collect within the [...]

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How is a Smart Thermostat Beneficial?

School, work, and errands keep families out of the more than inside in most cases. Why should households need their heating and cooling units on if no one is at home?  Smart thermostats safeguard to create an energy efficient space. Budgets see the benefits when the energy bill comes in. Saving on Schedule Smart thermostats are easily programmable. Any homeowner can set it to come on and turn off according to their life's schedule. The diversity of settings are accessible through an easy to panel and in some cases, from an app on [...]

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Do You Need Some Spring Air Cleaning In Your House?

The trees are blooming and your lawn is turning green. Spring is here! If your house in the Greater Charlotte area smells dusty and stale, now is a good time to schedule some routine maintenance with Acosta Heating & Cooling to return your air conditioning system to peak performance and improve your air quality. Routine Maintenance Improves Your Indoor Air Quality Just like vacuuming your carpets, a thorough spring maintenance service by a qualified air conditioning technician will bring some fresh air into your home. The condenser and fans [...]

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Effects of UV Lights on Your Home

What Effect Do UV Lights Have on Your Home? You may not have heard of bioaerosols before. They don't sound so bad. But you have heard of their more specific names: mold, mildew, and bacteria. Where traditional air filters do a good job removing non-organic pollutants from the air (pet dander, smoke, dust, etc.), you need additional help, especially in moist, humid climates, combating organic threats to you and your family's health. Hospitals have long used UV lights to help keep air disinfected. While they do not eliminate 100% of the source of [...]

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Why Should I Invest in a High-Quality Air Filter?

Did you know that a high-quality air filter for your HVAC system is one of the best investments that you can make? Acosta Heating and Cooling reminds you that your HVAC will work more efficiently if you utilize a high-quality air filter. The new, high-quality air filters are more expensive, but they do a superior job of keeping your house free of dust, smoke, and pollen without interfering with the air flow throughout your house. The prices of these filters vary, but the annual cost won’t be more than $100. There are [...]

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We’ve Been Caught Up in the Spirit of Giving This Holiday Season!

Here at Acosta Heating and Cooling, we love giving back to our community here in Charlotte, North Carolina! This holiday season, we’ve been involved with several charitable causes, and it’s been a great way to end another year. One of the charitable events we helped with was the Rockin’ Kids First Benefit Concert and Auction.  This event featured live music, raffles, and tons of items for auction. Another event we participated in was the CMPD Toy Drive, which was held to provide Christmas gifts to children. We also helped [...]

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Can Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Years ago, NASA scientists investigated how confined airtight spaces have an adverse effect on human health. Similarly, areas in our homes with poor ventilation expose us to “off-gassing” by a variety of chemicals found in synthetic materials, furniture, carpets, and other household items. If left unchecked, this situation may create a “sick-building syndrome” under our own roof. Potted plants offer a practical and inexpensive solution. They purify the air we breathe, recycle carbon dioxide, and absorb some particles that are harmful if allowed to accumulate. Top Performers: Some plants do [...]

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