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Sold On Solar? Use These Tips to Get Started

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Do you know that the sun shines in Charlotte more than 60 percent of the year? If you do, you’re probably ready to go solar. Acosta Heating & Cooling is ready to meet your renewable energy needs with a few easy tips on getting started.

Assess Your Roof
Roofs are the ideal spot to add solar energy systems. Southern facing roofs get the most sun, but if your roof doesn’t face south, you can still benefit from renewable energy options. Is your roof relatively free of shade from trees, nearby houses or chimneys? Is your roof in good condition? Check around for pests, dry rot or other problems.

Now think about size. The typical solar module takes up 15 square feet per panel. You will need to consider how big your roof is and how many modules it can accommodate. If your roof is in good condition, gets enough regular sun and is large enough, you may have solar potential.

Before You Build
Sometimes, homeowners can get carried away by the excitement of upgrading to solar. Before installing solar modules, however, you should do a little research regarding the rules of your neighborhood. Do you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners’ Association? If so, these associations often restrict what homeowners can and can’t put on their roofs or require pre-approval for such installations. Also check with your utility provider to see what it takes to connect your installation to the power grid. Acosta Heating & Cooling can also evaluate your wiring and make sure your installation complies with all local electrical code requirements.

Rebate Watch
Most states, including North Carolina, offer a wide variety of rebate and incentive programs for residents installing renewable energy systems. These include incentives from local, state and federal government programs, local utilities, and rebates from manufacturers. So in addition to saving money on your utility bills with your new system, you can also save money on the initial costs of installation.

If you feel your home has solar potential, contact Acosta Heating & Cooling today to get started.