Heat pumps can be a great alternative to an electric or gas furnace. They provide just as much heating and air conditioning as traditional systems, and in some cases, they even provide a small amount more than a traditional system. However, heat pumps do work best in warm climates, where it is typically 35 degrees or warmer outside in the winter.

How it Works

o   Heatpumps use electricity to transfer heat from outside in or from inside out

o   Runs at a fraction of the cost to run a furnace or air conditioner


o   Air-source heat pumps use ducts to move air throughout your home

o   If your home doesn’t have ducts, mini-split heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer

o   Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat between a water source or the ground and your home

  • Better option if temperatures can be more extreme

Who to call

o   If you are considering adding a heat pump to your home, call us at Acosta Heating and Cooling

o   We offer service to residents & businesses within 30 miles of Charlotte, North Carolina

o   Customer service is our top priority

o   We will do our best to make sure you are satisfied!

A heat pump might be a good option in your home or office, so call us today to find out more and get an estimate.

Heat Pumps