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Tips for Reducing Your Air Conditioning Usage

Posted on: May 10, 2013

When the temperature goes up, so do the electric bills in our homes, thanks to the air conditioning constantly running. But there are simple ways you can lower the amount of time you use your air conditioning and subsequently lower your electric bill.

  • Keep your windows covered – When your curtains are open, that means the sunlight and its heat are coming in. Close your curtains during the day and open them up at night so the heat can escape through your windows. This is particularly true when you have a room such as a guest room that isn’t used constantly.
  • Use fans – Not only do they help with cooling your home at night, but they help with reducing the amount of work the air conditioning does when the sun is most brutal.
  • Try not to use the oven and stove – Rather than cooking in your oven or on the stove, now is a great time to barbecue on the patio. If you have to use your oven or stove, turn on your exhaust fan or ceiling fan in order to keep the kitchen cooler.
  • Use the heat to your advantage – If you can, hang your clothes out to dry rather than using your clothes dryer. Not only will this reduce the amount of electricity you are using, but it also is going to make the house cooler since you won’t have the heat from the dryer.
  • When you use these tips, the start of summer doesn’t need to mean the start of high electric bills due to air conditioning.