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We’re the #1 choice for AC repair and service in Waxhaw! We’re a Certified Lennox Dealer, so our products are the best in the industry. Your comfort is our main focus. If you live in Waxhaw, North Carolina, you know how miserable the summers can be. Yeah, we might see some days in the 70s, but temperatures will frequently be around the 85-degree mark. In addition, the high humidity makes things much worse. That deadly combo leads to being annoyed and being sweaty. When these times strike, having an AC unit you can trust is a top priority. Sometimes the best part of your day is coming home to the fresh blasting air of your AC unit. If your system is making strange noises or not working properly, it might be time for a new air conditioner. Let the Waxhaw HVAC service experts at Acosta Heating & Cooling install the best AC products in your home. We are proud to be the best air conditioning contractors in Waxhaw, NC. See below for all of our incredible air conditioning services:

Air Conditioning Installation in Waxhaw, NC

How’s Your Indoor Air Quality?

If you had a tough time answering this question, then it might be time for a Air Quality Assessment from Acosta Heating & Cooling. We can test the air inside your home and offer any recommendations or advice. Contaminated air can lead to health problems, poor energy-efficiency, and weak AC system performance. Solve your air quality problem today by calling Acosta Heating & Cooling. We have a wide range of air quality products to help you breathe easier!

Acosta’s Air Quality Solutions

Acosta’s Air Quality Solutions

  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Filters
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • UV Lights

Air Conditioning Contractors in Waxhaw, NC

For over 40 years, Acosta Heating & Cooling has been providing exceptional heating and cooling solutions for residents in Waxhaw and surrounding areas. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what makes us so great. Customers are always the #1 priority and our HVAC services are the best in the industry! Whether you’re in need an air conditioning installation in Waxhaw or you need a simple AC repair, we’ve got you covered. Make an appointment today for a FREE estimate on a new AC unit!