By now, you have surely heard of solar home energy systems. You may even have a few crazy neighbors that have installed those funny looking panels on the roofs of their homes. But what’s all the fuss about any way? Are those eyesores really worth it? Turns out, the answer is yes. Your crazy neighbors are not that crazy after all, and who really cares how those panels look if they can save you thousands of dollars? Let’s break down the perks of solar home energy systems.

  1. Money in your pocket– Depending on the size of the solar home energy system you choose, you can save up to 50% on your electric bill. Some people even eliminate their bill entirely, saving you literally thousands of dollars over time.
  2. Increased home value– A study done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that adding solar home energy systems to your home increases your home’s re-sale value. It could even mean you sell your home 15% or more faster than homes without systems.
  3. Smaller footprint- We’re all about trying to conserve the planet as best we can, but not using plastic water bottles or taking your own grocery bags to the market may not be enough. Installing solar home energy systems can drastically help to reduce your carbon footprint over the short and long term.

If these perks sound tempting to you (and how could they not?), visit us at Acosta Heating and Cooling to find out what options exist for solar home energy systems for your home.