Referral Program

Looking to Refer a New Customer?

Acosta’s Referral Program

Our business model is built on our customers liking our service so much that they tell their relatives, friends and neighbors about us. That has helped us grow, and we believe nothing says “Thank You” like cold hard cash!

  • $10 – If they have any service work done

  • $20 – If they sign up for our twice-yearly home maintenance plan

  • $250 – If they purchase a new system

Who Is eligible to be paid for a referral?

Anyone! You don’t even have to be a customer of ours. You just have to be responsible for introducing us to someone who becomes our customer.

What Is a “new customer”?

A new customer is anyone we’ve not done work for before.

How do I get paid?

We’ll send you a check. We’re happy to give you a credit on your account to use later, but we find that most people prefer to have a check sent right to them.

Can I get more than one referral commission?

Oh yes! If you send us 100 new customers, we’ll gladly pay you 100 commissions.

Can I get more than one referral commission from the same new customer?

No…and yes. No, in that once we do a job for someone they become our customer, and so we wouldn’t pay a commission on the next job we do for them. Yes, in that you can combine commissions: if you refer someone for a service call, and they sign up at that time for a maintenance plan, and the service call results in our replacing their system, you would get $10+$20+$50=$80.

Can I refer myself?

Sorry but you must refer someone else to receive the commission.

Does this program apply to commercial customers, or just residential?

We pay referral commissions for all new customers – both commercial and residential.

What if I have other questions?

No problem – just call or email us anytime and we’ll tell you everything!