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Heat Pump Services in Charlotte

We know that your home is your refuge when the temperature starts to climb outside. Make sure your heat pump is operating at peak efficiency by scheduling heat pump service with Acosta Heating & Cooling. We have more than 45 years of experience serving customers in the Charlotte area. Trust our friendly, certified technicians to keep your home comfortable all summer long.

For heat pump replacement, installation, repair, or maintenance in Charlotte, North Carolina, please contact Acosta Heating & Cooling today at 704-527-7401.

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Proper heat pump installation requires attention to every detail. At Acosta Heating & Cooling, our team of certified HVAC technicians make sure that your system is properly sized, correctly installed, and thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance. Heat pumps are popular with homeowners in North Carolina because heat pumps deliver heating and cooling capacity in one system, and because they deliver a significant degree of energy efficiency without the need for gas connections. At Acosta, we maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest installation techniques and heat pump features that can save you money and enhance your comfort.

Our installation technicians adhere to all local building codes and manufacturers’ installation recommendations during a heat pump installation. We also provide thorough documentation of our work that confirms warranty compliance that you can refer to should an issue ever emerge. Before installing the heat pump in your home, our team will inspect the site and determine the proper steps for appropriate installation. We will discuss any special requirements and provide a dependable timeline for installation.

When you want a new heat pump installed, or an old unit replaced in your Charlotte or Mecklenburg County, NC home, contact Acosta Heating & Cooling at 704-527-7401. It’s our pleasure to answer your questions and deliver the reliable service you deserve. 

Heat Pump Repair

While heat pumps are some of the most reliable heating and cooling choices, they are not invincible. Time, Mother Nature, and faulty construction can cause heat pumps to malfunction and fail. At Acosta Heating & Cooling, our teams are trained to thoroughly inspect your heat pump and quickly identify the cause of the failure. We will inspect everything, from the blower motor and the belt to the compressor and the ducts, to confirm the root cause of the problem and any associated damage.

Large or small, new or old, we have yet to encounter a heat pump problem we couldn’t solve. When it comes to repairs in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, our certified HVAC technicians are some of the best trained, and they take great pride in their ability to effectively apply the most advanced diagnostic tools in the heating and cooling industry.

Is your heat pump not performing the job it needs to do? Contact Acosta Heating & Cooling at 704-527-7401, and our certified HVAC technicians will help you quickly identify the problem and perform the necessary repairs.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are no different than any other machine. They require regular maintenance to deliver the energy-efficient heating and cooling comfort you desire. At Acosta Heating & Cooling, our technicians are masters at performing preventive maintenance on our clients’ heat pumps.

During a typical maintenance call, we will inspect all internal and external components and test electrical connections for safety and performance. We make sure all components are properly lubricated and will provide you with a complete performance evaluation of your system. We also maintain detailed records of each service call. On subsequent visits, our technicians review these records for known problems and previous repairs. This helps us tailor each maintenance call to pay particular attention to the specific needs and requirements of each unit we service.

Is your heat pump due for a routine service call? Contact Acosta Heating & Cooling at 704-527-7401, and our team will arrive at your Charlotte or Mecklenburg County, NC home with all the tools, training, and components required to return your heat pump to peak condition. We can perform everything from full heat pump tune-ups to detailed warranty checks. 

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Whether you need a small repair, routine maintenance, or installation, Acosta Heating & Cooling can meet all of your heat pump service needs. We are dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of our customers. With flexible financing available and our one-year Peace-of-Mind Guarantees, you’ll feel completely confident choosing us for heat pump services in Charlotte.

Give us a call at 704-527-7401 or contact us online to schedule a visit from our experienced cooling technicians today.