AC Maintenance in Matthews, NC

Invite a highly qualified technician to your house for AC maintenance in Matthews, NC, and you’ll enjoy the benefits all summer long. Not just reliable cooling but lower energy bills are typical of their efforts, as they clean heat transfer coils, providing better efficiency.

A checklist of common problems they can help you avoid and verification of overall AC condition are all part of this hands-on, eyes-open process. Air conditioning maintenance is for all makes and models, even vintages, and a great way to prepare for an enjoyable summer.

Professional AC Maintenance in Matthews

When experienced HVAC technicians provide your AC maintenance, they follow a thorough procedure to cover all the key points where your air conditioner needs attention. In the back of their mind, they’re also relying on experience that helps them identify possible problems. Based on years of repair experience, they know what’s typical of each type of system, and you may even hear them talk about the capacitor on a 20-year-old system, or a contactor on a 5 to 10-year-old one.

These are startup components that have typical lifespans technicians know. Fan motors are also on their mind, and all of these can be checked to see how they’re doing. In addition to expert care, cleaning, lubrication, and filter changes, letting you know about potential repairs like this is another important part of preventive air conditioning maintenance.

Air conditioning maintenance helps provide:
  • Increased AC efficiency
  • Cleaner air from your vents
  • Refrigerant checks to protect your compressor
  • Better air conditioner reliability

A Half Century of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Since 1972, our family has been helping other families in Matthews keep cool. Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical AC maintenance is important preparation for summer, and a chance for us to say hello and answer any HVAC questions. Knowing our customers and their equipment helps us serve them better, and we can also share information about technological advances they’ll be considering in the future. We focus on efficient, reliable AC that families can afford, and we appreciate their referrals, more than 1,000 great online reviews, and other support.

They know that our technicians are polite, respectful, and highly skilled. They arrive in well-stocked vehicles prepared for air conditioning maintenance and other expert HVAC services. Our customers know that they’ll get a careful, detailed review of their equipment by someone who knows HVAC systems and can let them know objectively how their AC is doing. Trust, friendship, and honest business practices make Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical your HVAC partner!

Is it time to schedule your Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical AC maintenance in Matthews? Call us today and enjoy the benefits!

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