Air Quality Systems We Service in Charlotte, NC

Need to Schedule an Indoor Air Quality Assessment?

Air Cleaners

Why should you keep your home’s air clean?

Pollutants in your home’s air can cause dizziness, headaches, nasal congestion and fatigue and more. Schedule an indoor air quality audit and we can provide you with the best solution for your home’s air.

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Air Purifiers


Lennox’s PUREAIR air purification is the most effective general air purification system we sell and install. It’s capable of removing up to 99.9% of all particluates and more!

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Air Filters

Order Your Next Air Filter Online

Tired of second guessing your standard air filter? We offer premium quality air filters available for order and delivery online.

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Tired of All The Humidity?

Humidity can be a real problem for the residents of North Carolina. We sell and install a variety of dehumidifiers that can keep the air in your home dry on those muggy days.

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Home Air To Dry?

Dry air can be a real problem during cooler weather here in NC. If your home’s air needs a little or alot more moistures to keep you comfortable we have a variety of humidification products to consider.

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UV lights

Concerned About Germs?

Don’t worry we offer inline and external UV(ultraviolet) air cleaning options that are capable of reducing the microorganisms in your home’s air quickly and efficiently.

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