Air Cleaners

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Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are sometimes confused with air purifiers but they are in fact two different means of cleaning your home’s air. An air cleaner is added and built into your air conditioner system. It allows moving air to pass through a filter in order to remove fine particulates which usually escape your home’s traditional air filter. Alternatively, an air purifier on the actively works to sanitize the air in your home by killing the germs in your home using methods such as UV Lights.

What Do Air Cleaners Filter?

Air Cleaners filter out ped dander, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust mites, dust, mildew, mold, fungus, and much more.

What Kind of Air Cleaner Does Acosta Recommend?

We recommend the HC11 Home Air Cleaner from Lennox®. The HC11 filters out up to 85% of fine particulates ranging down in size to 3 microns from your home’s air.

Does an Air Cleaner Produce Ozone?

Ozone is a known lung irritant commonly produced by many common air cleaners. The HC11 Air Cleaner we sell an install does not produce ozone.

Will an Air Cleaner Help With My Allergies?

Yes, an air cleaner reduces the amount of allergens in your home’s air such as mold, mildew, fungi, viruses, and general allergy causing particles.

Will an Air Cleaner Increase My Utility Bills?

The HC11 Air Cleaner from Lennox® we sell and install utilizes the moving air in your HVAC system. This means there are no additional costs incurred by using the HC11 Air Cleaner.