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Buying a Furnace On the Internet: That Deal Could Cost You

Posted on: February 28, 2012

If you’re facing the potentially costly prospect of buying a furnace, you could be tempted to look online for a cheaper unit. However, before sending your credit card information to an Internet dealer, there are a few issues to consider. What looks like an Internet bargain could end up being an expensive mistake.

Installation problems

You may have difficulty finding a licensed HVAC contractor willing to install a furnace you’ve purchased online. Many contractors refuse to install such equipment because they cannot offer or honor a warranty on it. Others may install in very limited cases. Contractors usually charge the same amount to install a unit you purchased online as they would to install a furnace you bought from them, further limiting your savings.

Unreliable warranty

Warranty issues may not only limit the number of contractors willing to work with equipment bought on the Internet, they may also leave you with parts or an entire furnace that won’t work, and a seller that won’t replace defective goods.

Incorrect purchase

When buying a furnace from a local HVAC supplier, part of what you pay for is professional expertise. Homeowners may not have the technical knowledge to purchase the correct furnace. A system purchased online may be too small or too large or it may not fit the physical layout of your house. It may also simply be the wrong type of equipment — a propane furnace, for example, will not work if you only have a natural gas connection.

Safety issues

Equipment purchased online may arrive damaged and unsafe to use. If the furnace is installed by an unlicensed individual, you could be violating local safety regulations. Worse, the unit itself may be dangerous to operate if fuel supplies aren’t properly hooked up or if carbon monoxide is not safely vented out of your home.

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