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You Can’t Go Wrong With These Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Posted on: April 21, 2017

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Your Charlotte, NC Home

Your central air conditioning system keeps your home cool all summer long — or at least that’s what you want it to do. If you want to avoid a situation where your central air conditioning system stops working like it should or stops working altogether, we highly recommend following these maintenance guidelines:

  • The most important thing you can do for your central air conditioning system is to replace its filters on a regular basis. Clogged, dirty filters prevent clean, cool air from flowing through your home effectively, and they compromise your system’s efficiency. Your air conditioning filters are likely located somewhere in a wall or ceiling, so locate them and commit to changing them out on a frequent basis.
  • Over months and years of service, your AC system’s evaporator coils and condenser coil are going to collect dirt and debris, which can cut back on your system’s effectiveness. Prevent these essential coils from becoming too dusty or dirty by cleaning the area around these coils, removing debris from this area and trimming back any foliage that may have gotten in the way.

Instead of worrying about whether something’s going to go wrong with your central air conditioning system, be proactive about repairs by investing in preventative maintenance. Here at Acosta Heating and Cooling, we provide preventative maintenance programs, and a technician from our team can come to your home and inspect your system. They will also let you know if there are repairs you should watch out for or if you should have them done right away, so your system maintains its functionality and efficiency.

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