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CO2 Detectors: Make Sure You Have Them in the Right Places

Posted on: February 14, 2012

When you close your home up against the cold, you should be aware that your heating system could pose a potential risk to your family. Carbon monoxide (CO2) will be generated by any fuel-burning furnace, whether that fuel is oil, natural gas, or propane. CO2 is usually safely vented out of your house, but leaks can occur. Humans cannot detect this deadly gas, and in the right concentration, carbon monoxide can kill.

You can keep your family safe from this unseen danger by installing reliable carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. If the gas is detected, the device sounds a loud alarm, giving your family time to escape and get to safety. Carbon monoxide detectors are not a substitute for smoke alarms, but they work well in combination with these devices.

You should install CO2 detectors on the wall or ceiling outside within 10 feet of each bedroom in your home. If only one detector is being installed, it should be placed just outside the main sleeping area. CO2 detectors must be placed where they can easily waken sleeping occupants; carbon monoxide deaths commonly occur when people are exposed to the gas in their sleep.

If you have an attached garage, install an additional detector near or over this area.

It is best not to place CO2 detectors within 15 feet of cooking or heating equipment. These appliances may generate small amounts of carbon monoxide, which can trigger false readings. You should also avoid areas where there is a lot of moisture and humidity.

Test the detector regularly and make sure the batteries are charged and the detector still works.

For 40 years, Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical has been providing professional heating and cooling services to Charlotte-area customers. Contact us today for more information on the proper placement of carbon monoxide detectors in your home, and learn how we are working to keep your family safe by offering Free Carbon Monoxide Detectors with every new system installation.

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