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Do Solar Power Panels Continue Working During the Winter?

Posted on: January 29, 2014

Solar Power Panels in Charlotte, NC

We know that solar power panels can generate electricity in sunny, warm weather – which is good news for half the year, but what about the colder, gloomy weather of fall and winter?

Well, contrary to popular belief, solar power panels don’t stop performing during the cold season. When exposed to sunlight, solar cells produce electricity, and in fact, they’re more efficient in cooler temperatures. So, as long as the sun shines, solar power panels continue to generate electricity.

During winter, this can be very beneficial. The obvious use of household energy in winter is your heating system. Sunny weather will continue to power your home with solar energy, helping to eliminate or offset the cost of heating. Moreover, even when the skies are gray, solar energy still reaches the solar power panels, meaning that the system continues producing power.

However, it is important to keep the collectors on the solar power panels clear in order to harness the sun’s radiation, which charges the photovoltaic cells. Therefore, if the panels are covered in leaves or there’s anything else blocking them, sweep them off. This will make sure the panels get access to as much sunlight as possible before darkness sets in.

Solar power panels should produce 60 to 70% of your electricity requirements throughout the year. If they do, it’s definitely worth investing in this renewable and free energy source.

Tip: To make your ‘green’ power go further, use it sparingly by washing your clothes at a lower temperature or taking a shower instead of a bath.

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