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Ductless Cooling: An Innovative Option When Your Choices Are Limited

Posted on: June 28, 2012

If you have a space in your home that’s a challenge to cool, or if you’re going to add space, consider ductless cooling. These HVAC systems don’t require ducts to distribute the air. They use technology that simply moves the heat from your space outdoors. These systems, also called ductless mini splits, present some major advantages compared to other types of air conditioning systems because they offer energy efficiency, easy installation and flexibility.

Energy efficiency

Ductless mini splits must meet the same energy efficiency standards that air conditioners and heat pumps do. The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) has to be 13 minimum. Since ductless cooling goes directly into the room, the systems can be as much as 30 percent more efficient than central systems where the air is delivered through ducts. Duct leaks and temperature loss may occur in systems with ducts.

Easy installation

Not having to extend or install ducts makes installation fast. The ductless systems have two primary components: A condenser sits outside and an air handler inside. A conduit connects the two and carries the refrigerant, drainpipe, electrical wiring. The air handler (fan section) can sit on the floor or hang from a wall or even hung from the ceiling.

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