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For Reliable Heating and Cooling Throughout the Year, Consider an Air Handler

Posted on: November 22, 2012

One of the most important components of a traditional heat pump system is the air handler. It provides you with reliable, steady heating and cooling all year round, while ventilating stale air out and fresh air in. Moreover, it filters out unwanted contaminants. An air handler can even give additional protection with humidity control and air quality upgrades.

How Does It Work?

The air handling unit is located in a home that has heating and/or cooling parts, a blower fan, dampers and filters. It controls the amount of air being sent through the heater or air conditioner. An air handler also determines whether the air being sent is cool or warm. It is connected to the ducts that distribute air through a home and returns it to the air handler via the air filter and return vent.

Installation Considerations

When selecting a new air handler, the existing cooling and heating systems in your home are extremely important considerations, as well as the total square-footage. Furthermore, if you only require an air handler for your heat pump or furnace for use in winter, you may not need dehumidification.

Conversely, if you want to use an air handler throughout the year for both cooling and heating, and have it integrated with other systems such as air filtration, UV germicidal lights and dehumidification, you’ll need one that can provide all the necessary tools and protections to meet your needs. A heating and cooling professional will have to come and assess your home to ensure you get a suitable air handler.

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