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Furnace Installation, Charlotte, NC

Posted on: November 9, 2014

Arguably one of the best inventions of the last century is the indoor furnace. While our not-too-distant ancestors used wood-burning stoves and coal to heat their homes, we have the ability to heat every room as warm as we would like with the push of a button! Although your Charlotte, North Carolina home isn’t likely to see sub-zero temperatures this winter, that doesn’t mean your furnace won’t see any use. Those long nights and short days can be very chilly without a properly functioning furnace. If your furnace isn’t likely to last one more winter, now is the time to look at Acosta Heating and Cooling for your furnace installation needs.

Our technicians have years of experience to help you select the furnace that will meet the needs of your home. While there are some calculators available to help you determine the size and style of furnace you need, if you calculate wrong, it can cost you considerable amounts of money on your utility bills that you could otherwise save. Our technicians will help you select, size, price and install the furnace that will be right for you. While electrical furnaces are rare in Charlotte, we are knowledgeable in both electric and gas furnace installation processes.

When you are looking for someone to install a quality furnace in your Charlotte, North Carolina home, look to us at Acosta Heating and Cooling. Check our website for online service requests or call our office to make an appointment. Fall is the perfect time to make sure your furnace is in good condition– let us help you with your furnace installation to keep your holiday season toasty warm!

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