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Hiring an HVAC Contractor? Make Sure He’s NATE-Certified

Posted on: September 27, 2011

When searching for someone to install or service a heating and cooling system, it makes good sense to narrow the field to NATE-certified technicians. Certification means you’ll get an experienced professional who has passed a series of tests designed and approved by industry leaders to measure the knowledge and skills required to provide reliable, fast and efficient service.

NATE, the only industry-recognized certifying organization, requires technicians to pass both a core skills test and an exam in a specialty, such as air conditioning, air handling and heating. Certification is provided in three categories:

  • Installation technician –Technicians with this certification demonstrate proficiency in core installation skills plus one specialty. The technician has expertise in site preparation, system assembly, system cycling through all operating functions and reading electrical, temperature and pressure to ensure operation within specifications.
  • Service technician — In addition to mastering the installation skills, service technicians have passed the core service test plus an exam in one service sector. These technicians demonstrate skills in reading and interpreting all system functions, and performing diagnostic procedures to identify and correct problems.
  • Senior technician – Already certified in two specialties, the senior technician demonstrates in-depth knowledge in skills such as load calculation, air distribution, overall system performance, proper selection of equipment, air quality and planned maintenance.

NATE also certifies companies under its Consumer Contractor Connection (C-3) program. C-3 certification is available at two levels:

  • C-3 Contractors – This means that at least half of the company’s technicians are certified.
  • C-3 Quality Circle Contractors – This certification means that at least 80 percent of the technicians are certified, including at least one in each service or installation area that the company offers.

Companies applying for C-3 designation provide lists of their certified employees, who are then cross-referenced against the organization’s technician database to verify their certification and that they have designated the company in question as their employer.

For the quality service and peace of mind that comes from hiring the industry’s most skilled technicians, look for NATE certification and be sure to ask your contractor to send a certified technician. For more information on the certification program and its benefits for you, contact the factory-trained and NATE-certified experts at Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical.

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