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How a Zoning System Keeps Everyone Happy and Your Whole Home Comfy

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Zoning systems are a great way to keep everyone in your house comfortable and happy with no arguments about what the temperature is set at. That’s because with zoning, different people choose what different parts of the house get set to.

In your average home’s forced-air system, the ideal temperature is set and controlled by a single thermostat. The advantage that zoning delivers is the use of multiple thermostats with each one controlling a different part of your house. Someone in one zone can change the temperature of the zone they are in without disturbing someone in another part of the house. This means that there is no need for arguments over what the one thermostat should be set to.

This makes for a more efficient method of keeping your home comfortable that can result in saving you money by reducing the amount of energy you use each month. This is because with areas of your home that are less frequently occupied, you can set them to an energy-efficient setting so they don’t receive as much air. This helps you avoid having to pay to keep an empty area comfortable, while also lowering the amount of wear and tear your HVAC system has to go through each day.

Zoning systems are ideal because the idea of trying to maintain one steady temperature through an entire house is unrealistic. There’s already the problem that not everyone will agree on what that temperature should be, but there are other faults in that plan as well. Commonly found constructional features like large glass windows allow heat to transfer in and out and will often create warm or cool patches throughout your house. Zoning eliminates having to worry about these problems.

If you have been trying to create better comfort conditions for everyone in your home, zoning systems may be the solution you are looking for.  Contact Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical today to learn more about the benefits of zoning systems, and how our HVAC professionals can perform the simple installation. We have proudly served the Charlotte Metro area since 1972.

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