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“Prevention Is Better Than Cure” Certainly Holds True for Air Conditioning Repair

Posted on: December 6, 2012

Indeed it’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This holds true if you want to prevent identity or auto theft, and it’s also true if you want to reduce the amount of air conditioning repair that your unit needs. By regularly cleaning your air conditioner, you will minimize the need for future repairs.

Here are some cleaning tips to avoid air conditioning repair:

  • Before cleaning it, turn the unit off: This is critical to prevent a shocking experience – literally. Switch off the circuit breaker that powers the air conditioning unit.
  • The coils: With an ordinary garden hose, wet the coils. Then spray with a commercial air conditioner product. Leave the cleaner on the coils for the time indicated on the instructions. Next, rinse off the cleaner. If you have a wall air conditioning unit, you can use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean the coil fins. Keeping the coils clean is an essential step in preventing air conditioning repair.
  • Replace the filter: In the height of summer when the air conditioner is being used often, the filter should be replaced once a month, or at least every other month, depending on how high usage is. Although the filter is the most basic part of an air conditioning unit, it’s the first line of defense in preventing a buildup of dirt and, ultimately, reducing unnecessary air conditioning repair.IMPORTANT: You can take these simple steps to keep your air conditioner clean, but it is equally important to have a trained professional perform preventative maintenance once or twice a year.
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