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Saving Money On Heating With Programmable Thermostats

Posted on: February 7, 2013

Heating your home is a constant game. It is hard to save money, remain comfortable and be responsible to the environment at the same time. With rising energy costs and a green movement that is bringing everyone more in touch with their footprint on the Earth, homeowners are looking for reasonable solutions in heating and air conditioning their home.

Most heating options that are environmentally friendly are very costly to homeowners and can take weeks to install. One improvement you can make that is fairly cheap and very quick to install is programmable thermostats.

Programmable thermostats only range from $50 to $200, which is hardly anything considering the costs of replacing furnaces, installing new windows, or buying more efficient appliances. This small cost yields big savings, savings of about 15% a year.

Other than significantly lowering your energy bills, programmable thermostats are much more convenient to have in your home, and can save energy without you even remembering to turn the thermostat down. Most programmable thermostats can save more than six temperature settings for every single day, and you can override them without messing up the daily or weekly program that the thermostat is set to.

This can do wonders to save you money on heating during cold winter months. For example, your house can be a nippy 60 degrees while you are at work, and then–while you are in traffic on your commute back home–it can automatically move up to a toasty 68 degrees or 70 degrees. When you step in the door, the temperature is right where you want it.

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