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Do You Need Some Spring Air Cleaning in Your House?

Posted on: March 27, 2018

The trees are blooming and your lawn is turning green. Spring is here! If your house in the Greater Charlotte area smells dusty and stale, now is a good time to schedule some routine maintenance with Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical to return your air conditioning system to peak performance and improve your air quality.

Routine Maintenance Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

Just like vacuuming your carpets, a thorough spring maintenance service by a qualified air conditioning technician will bring some fresh air into your home. The condenser and fans will all get a thorough cleaning and be checked for any leaks. Your filters will be changed out and be ready to trap more pollen, dust, and allergens trying to enter your home.

Remove Dust from Ducts, Check for Mold

Heating and cooling cycles can create condensation in air ducts, especially those that are run under a home that is built on blocks. Condensation can trap more dust and smells, and even allow mold to grow. Talk to your air conditioning specialist about inspecting your ducts for leaks and checking them for dust build up. A clean duct can stop that musty smell from continuing to circulate throughout the house and improve your indoor air quality.

Spring Air Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

It might seem like an extra expense when you first call for a routine inspection and cleaning of your air conditioning system, but a little prevention can ensure that you will be able to escape the steamy heat of a North Carolina summer day. Your technician can spot a failing compressor or circulating pump and replace it well before those temperatures start to climb into the 90s. How happy will you be when your A/C unit keeps on working all summer long? That makes the spring cleaning service worthwhile, doesn’t it?

Sweep away the stale air in your Charlotte, NC home this spring with a thorough air conditioning inspection and cleaning conducted by Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical and be prepared for the hot months ahead. Call or click to schedule your service with one of our friendly technicians today.

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