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UV Lights: Hospital Technology That’s Now Available for Your Home

Posted on: October 18, 2011

When putting together a clean-air strategy for your home, why use anything less than the absolute best in air purification? If you are serious about having the best indoor air quality for you and your family, you need to include ultraviolet (UV) lights in your plan.

UV lights are extremely effective germicidal tools that can be implemented in your air system to reduce the levels of harmful microorganisms. UV light emits a low level of radiation that kills things like fungi, viruses and bacteria. UV lamps are available in various strengths that will determine how effective they are at eliminating these contaminants.

UV light has even been shown by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to be effective at stopping the spread of infamously contagious diseases such as tuberculosis. They recommend that hospitals install UV lamps into their air systems to prevent staff and other patients from spreading germs. Fortunately, UV lamps are priced so that any homeowner can have them installed in their own air system.

It is important to note the true job of UV lights, so that you don’t expect unrealistic results. They only target living particles, not non-living things like dust or pollen. But when UV lamps are used together along with high-efficiency air filters, you will be sure that you are generating the highest indoor air quality possible.

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