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What Clicks, Pops and Goes Boom? An Ailing Heating System

Posted on: March 13, 2012

Many furnaces may run quietly, but you can never expect a heating system to operate silently. There will always be some level of noise coming from your furnace as it runs, such as noise from the blower motor, from the burners switching on and off, or from components humming or rattling. However, if your furnace is starting to produce louder noises, more frequent noises, or noises you’ve never heard before, there’s a good chance that the system is in trouble and heading for a breakdown.

Booms and pops

If you have a gas furnace, be particularly cautious if you hear substantial booms, sharp pops, or loud explosions when the furnace burner ignites. The problem is even worse if these booms shake the furnace or your house. This could mean that volatile gas is accumulating and is burning off or exploding because of the burner flames. This problem is likely caused by clogged or dirty burners. This issue should be fixed immediately; if left unresolved, it could eventually lead to a catastrophic gas explosion.


Clicking sounds could indicate the flame sensor, the device that detects whether the fuel has been ignited, is not working correctly. It should be cleaned by a certified technician as sandpaper or abrasive cloth can ruin some sensors.


Rattling sounds often mean that something has come loose or isn’t secured properly. If the access door hasn’t been closed tightly, it could tap against the frame of the unit. Bolts or screws may need tightening. Rattling noises could also be caused by loose ductwork that needs to be refitted.

Squealing and grinding

A squealing sound may indicate the blower motor belt is slipping and needs to be tightened. A grinding sound could mean the blower motor bearings are wearing out and the entire motor may need to be replaced.

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