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Generator Maintenance in Charlotte

From powerful storms to strong winds to utility disruptions from construction or other causes, residents of Charlotte, NC, have to deal with power outages at one point or another. To avoid being left in the dark and risking spoiled food or damaged appliances when an outage does occur, whole-house generators are key. Because they work so hard to keep you and your home protected, they should be well-maintained and treated properly.

At Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we understand the importance of scheduling regular maintenance for your home’s many appliances, and a generator is not exempt from this! Alongside our generator installations, replacements, and repairs, we offer comprehensive generator maintenance services to ensure your unit won’t abandon you when you need it the most.

Need to guarantee your generator is fine-tuned and prepared for an unpredictable outage? Call Acosta today at 704-527-7401 or contact us online to get started!

Benefits of Routine Generator Maintenance

To better ensure your generator is well-equipped to take on an outage, it’s best to have routine maintenance scheduled regularly and performed by a professional. Typically, generator maintenance should be scheduled annually, but if you tend to use your system more frequently, it may need to be checked out at least twice a year. Some of the benefits of routine generator maintenance include:

  • Ensuring your unit is working as it should: Routine maintenance acts as quality assurance and is utilized to ensure your unit’s components are working properly. A trained technician will inspect its parts and perform tweaks as necessary.
  • Saving you money in the long run: By keeping things with your unit running like a well-oiled machine, it will aid in preventing costly repairs or even a potential replacement! While maintenance may seem pricey initially, it is a fruitful investment.
  • Extending your system’s life span: With regular check-ups, your system’s life span will inevitably be extended, and your generator will be able to serve you for many more years.
  • Increasing energy efficiency: Issues with appliances can often result in said appliance working overtime; if it is properly maintained, your unit has a greater chance of working at peak performance, rendering it as efficient as possible.

Enjoy the benefits that come with routine generator maintenance by calling Acosta today at 704-527-7401!

Choose Acosta for Exceptional Generator Maintenance Service

At Acosta, our family-run and long-standing company is no stranger to comfort, and we aim to extend it to our Charlotte, NC community. With a generator service from us, you can expect nothing short of quality workmanship and superb customer service from our background-checked and drug-screened technicians. We offer peace-of-mind guarantees as a promise to uphold our core mission of top-notch services and 100% satisfaction.

Ensure your generator is ready to tackle anything thrown its way by calling 704-527-7401 or reaching out online to schedule an appointment!

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