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Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in Charlotte, NC

Your service panel is arguably the most important part of your home’s electrical system, so when you need electrical panel replacement, updates, or repair, you want to know that your electrician has the skill and know-how needed to get the job done right.

Acosta Heating & Cooling has been a trusted provider of home comfort services to homeowners in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for decades. Our family-owned and -operated company puts you first, featuring unmatched guarantees, top-class trained technicians, and a customer-first approach that means you always get the best.

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Electrician repairing a residential circuit breaker panel

Why Do I Need a Service Panel Update?

Every single amp of electrical power that enters your Charlotte home has to first go through the main service panel. From the service panel electricity is then distributed to your circuits, and should there be an unsafe amount of charge, it’s the panel’s job to stop it before something gets damaged. When your system was installed, be it a breaker box or fuse box, it was designed to handle a very specific amount of load, and no more.

In other words, your electrical needs evolve all the time—new lights, home additions, added dedicated circuits, modern HVAC equipment—but your main service panel stays just the same. Panel upgrades ensure your load center is capable of keeping up with your needs and able to provide the safety and functionality that you need it to.

Service Panel Updates in Charlotte, NC

At Acosta Heating & Cooling, we offer the utmost in superior electrical services. Our licensed and insured electrical contractors will assess your safe electrical access needs and provide the optimal new service panel to match. Each electrical service we provide is backed by our satisfaction guarantees and the skill and knowledge of our dedicated team members. When you call on Acosta for an electrical heavy-up, you can be certain the job is going to get done right.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I know if I should upgrade my electrical panel?” contact our local electricians in Charlotte when:

  • You frequently experience breaker trips
  • Your lights flicker, or your appliances stutter when a high-draw appliance is in use
  • You are planning to remodel, add on to, or to update your Charlotte home
  • You’re uncertain when the last time your service panel was upgraded
  • Your main service panel is malfunctioning, making odd noises, or sparking

Remember that electrical panel upgrades and updates do require a permit in order for the work to be done legally in the Charlotte area! If you need help understanding this or assistance with understanding permits, contact Acosta.

Does Homeowners Insurance Typically Cover Electrical Panel Replacement?

We get this question a lot, and it’s a good one to ask! In the end, the answer will be dictated by the specifics of your insurance or home warranty. Even without coverage, we can guarantee that the service is worth the cost through safety alone. However, it is true that many comprehensive homeowners insurance plans or home warranty plans do in fact provide substantial coverage for electrical panel repair and replacement.

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades in Charlotte & Waxhaw, NC

If you’re looking for a dependable electrician in Charlotte, look no further. Our home service company has been providing top-notch services and quality solutions for decades. When you need a service panel heavy-up, service panel repair, or electrical inspections, Acosta Heating & Cooling is the name to know.

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