EV Charging Installation in Matthews, NC

Looking for EV charging installation in Matthews, NC? As the world transitions towards sustainable transportation, installing an EV charger is practically an essential step for EV owners. EV Charger Installation is a service that caters to the growing demand for electric vehicles by providing a convenient and efficient way to charge them at home.

Having an EV charger installed at home provides you with the convenience of charging your electric vehicle in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t need to make frequent trips to public charging stations. This convenience ensures that your EV is always ready to go, which can save you time and provide peace of mind.

EV Charging installation in Matthews

Having your own charger installed at home can significantly reduce your overall transportation costs, as charging at home is often more cost-effective than fueling a conventional vehicle. Home EV chargers come in two different levels – Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 chargers plug into most standard electric outlets, and the charging rates for these chargers usually charge an EV at a rate of about two to five miles for each hour of charging time.

Level 2 chargers are the ones typically referred to when discussing the EV charging stations that need to be installed in homes. Level 2 EV charging stations reduce the amount of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle. Level 2 chargers charge electric vehicles at a rate of about 12 to 80 miles for each hour of charging time and fully charge most EVs in four to five hours.

There are a variety of reasons to consider EV charger installation. Call us right away to discuss your unique EV charging station needs!
  • Supporting sustainable transportation is important to you
  • Saving time bypassing trips to charging stations
  • Peace of mind knowing your EV is fully charged
  • Typically more cost-effective than traditional refueling
  • Can increase your property value

Your Expert EV Charger Installation

At Acosta Heating, Cooling & Electrical, our electricians have undergone specialized training to provide expert residential EV charging installation. We are committed to upholding stringent safety and quality standards for every EV charger installation project, and we also conduct thorough system testing to ensure it functions correctly.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive guidance on how to utilize and get the most from your system, so you never have to guess how it works. Your satisfaction and the safety of your electric vehicle charging setup are our top priorities.

Having EV charger installed at your Matthews home can offer a lot of benefits for you as an EV owner. Contact us today at [company name] to schedule installation service for EV charging services.

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